Participant Program

Being part of this program you will have the opportunity to experience how people live in a small amazon community. We think it’s the only way to learn first hand!

Participant program: sharing experiences

An important part about this program is the fact that you will share your time with real amazonian communities in Loreto-Peru. We coordinate the visit of future participants, who come from several parts of the world. All participants are welcome to discover the amazonian world. Ask for more information, a free application form, and, as a GIFT, an E-book (PDF format) about the peruvian jungle!

This program gives participants better opportunities to interact with local people. As a participant, you will gain a full insight about small amazonian communities, learn about different native tribes, and get the benefit of all our previous contact with local authorities, giving all participants a friendly and wonderful stay.

Andreas in “Santa Clara II zona”

Participants may pursue academic, professional, or general interests, or a combination of these (i.e.: botany, health topics and/or photography). Our program allows participants to experience, and learn about the amazon rainforest while taking an active role in helping to implement activities such as:

  • Community development.
  • Environmental education.
  • Sanitation.
  • Health education.
  • teaching English.
  • Agro forestry work.
  • Fish-pond work.


General Participant: Professionals, investors, travelers, and/or general public who wish to work in a rainforest environment. This category includes all participants who are not looking for student credit, or are not conducting institutional research.

Students: Undergraduates or Graduates receiving student credit for their work from a College or University. They must complete a project of value to TAKE ACTION INTERNATIONAL while participating, besides they must keep our ASSOCIATION appraised of their work, maintain a journal, and submit a copy of any paper prepared during the process. They will be expected to assist our company with daily activities. They must bring a Letter that states their category of student, signed by the Principal of the School, Faculty, or Sponsor Institution.

An example of an intented scheule for a participant:

Example of a 1-week PROGRAM:

  • Monday – Saturday: (6 days / 5 nights) Departure from Iquitos city to one of the communities where the En Acción” project is been developed.
  • During the time in the community: Activities related to the project – a 4-hour session during the morning or afternoon – the rest of hours, opportunity to take walks deep in the jungle, site-seeing, and/or other professional-educational activities. Departure from the community, Saturday afternoon.
  • Saturday night -Sunday all day: Spending the time in Iquitos just resting, and, later, short visits to historic-touristic places in the cityor the option to take a Sunday full-day Iquitos tour, including: Bora, and Yagua tribes, Butterfly farm, and Monkey island.
  • Optional for a Sunday full-day: Hiking in the “Alpahuayo-Mishana” reserve area, for birdwatching, or photo-tour.
  • Monday morning: Pick up, and transport to the Airport.


Principal activities, but not the only ones, to work with them:

  • Implementing first-aid boxes.
  • Implementing the “commmunity library”. Organize the system to keep it running.
  • Organize the “reading club” with children. This is an important step in order to take a real approach to basic knowledge in different areas.
  • Organize the “recycling service” to collect inorganic garbage, like plastic bottles, bags, and non-biodegradable materials.
  • Recycle of organic garbage.
  • Organizing on-going workshop to train in civil rights, and society topics.
  • Organizing Health campaigns to help prevent malaria, dengue, and parasitosis.


The Participant program: It is very flexible, stays can last 1 to 4 weeks (for longer time please visit the information section under “Participant Program” category). The program is open to participants between February-March, June-August, November-December (check for availability). Any other information, please send me an email to If you are planning to book in advance, ask for the Application Form. If you have been accepted as a participant, please see the list to get ready for the amazon in Peru.



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Photography and kids

Johanna Pagels (Germany) – Professional photographer:

During July-August 2008, Johanna visited the “Santa Clara II zona” community to spend 6 weeks with us. She is a professional photographer who was living in Scotland by that time. We started the previous email contacts, and after thinking about ideas to develop in the community, we got to the point to decide the use of her knowledge, and techniques to share with the kids. The idea was teaching the kids basic concepts about how to handle a camera, and encourage them to express what they feel it would be a great picture to share with the class. She brought around 50 Fuji disposable cameras to start the project. Cameras were delivered to the kids, and they had to take a daily picture. Although there were some misunderstandings, specially with the parents of kids who wanted to use the cameras for personal reasons other than the project, the kids did it very well. We were excited to see the artistic expressions, how they pictured their surrounding environment, and the way they portrayed their daily living as kids from the amazon rainforest. Later all rolls were developed (thanking to Johanna again), and we selected the most interesting pictures in order to magnify them. The first two weeks she shared the space with Alex, so by that time we had lot of exciting activities. Her last week, she chose the most interesting pictures, and took them to her country. She did an expo in Scotland, Germany, and United States. Her book about her participation in the “En Accion” project can be bought at: “On Demons and sirens” was edited in the United States. The website for more information about her photography artwork:

Johanna taking pictures

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Alex from U.K.

Alexandra Mackenzie – University of Saint Andrews:

During July-August 2008, Alex Mackenzie, from the University of Saint Andrews, came to Iquitos to spend 4 weeks with us. I picked up at the “Francisco secada airport”, and I felt this would be a great experience. She went to “Santa Clara II zona”, and stayed in a camp near to the community. I should say she’s a brave and strong woman, and showed us all how a considered “girlish” girl could do it fine in the jungle! After 2 weeks in the camp, she moved to the house in the community, and shared the space with another participant who, by that moment, came to run an artistic project. Alex taught basic english, and, gave them some tips about recycling inorganic waste. The last week of her visit, she runned a small personal project to take it to her University. She videotaped stories from old people of the community, targeting cocama-cocamilla descendants. It was a great experience, wonderful stories of the ancient tribes, stories about ayahuasca ceremonies, the old untouched forest, respect for the animals, spirits and demons of the jungle, hunting trips, and festivity days. What a wonderful time!!!

Alex in Santa Clara II zona community – Picture taken in any usual night

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Two swedish guys

Carl and Johan – General participants:

During Octuber-November 2007, Carl Hennung, and Johan Svenson spent 4 weeks in “Santa Clara II zona”. They came from Sweden, and the first stop was Peru in their planned tour around America. Previous to came to the jungle they volunteered in Pisco (Ica, South of Lima), just after the earthquake that killed several people. It was the first time “Santa Clara” community received such nice visitors, and they were very happy to host them. The community is located around 30 minutes NE far away from Iquitos by boat, downstream the Amazon river. Some of the communards are direct cocama-cocamilla tribe descendants. Carl and Johan taught basic english, and, at the same time, gave them some tips about recycling inorganic waste. This was our first approach to this community, and we were very happy to be accepted as friends.

Carl and Johan in Santa Clara II zona community

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A student from U.K.

Natasha Morgan – University of Leeds:

During March-April 2007, Natasha Morgan, a participant from the University of Leeds, spent 4 weeks in “Villa Buen pastor”. She helped the kids and young people with their school duties. She organized dancing classes, a theater workshop, and helped us with recycling plastic bottles, and bags. A valuable time for our project!

Natasha in Buen Pastor community

Girls from community

Dance workshops

Dance workshops

Dance workshops

Dance workshops


Recycling plastic bottles

Willy in the fish pond

Fabiola and “pepito” the horse

Fun moments playing volleyball

Constrictor boa in Quistococha zoo

Certificates for Basic english learning

Certificates for Basic english learning

Certificates for Basic english learning

Certificates for Basic english learning

Certificates for Basic english learning

Certificates for Basic english learning

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A canadian participant

Robin Legge – University of Toronto:

During May-June 2006, a canadian participant from the University of Toronto – school of Psychology, went to “Villa Buen Pastor”, and share four weeks with us. She taught basic english to the kids and youngs. At the same time, she worked with women, and organized some workshops about family planning. Her help, and participation was very appreciated in the community.

Robyn and kids in the field near to the cummunal house, and entrance road

Robyn and kids at the communal house

Robyn and girls

Robyn and class


Romario, Saenz, Emilio, Bebeto

Kids from Buen Pastor

Buen Pastor kids

Buen Pastor kids

Eduardo Rios

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